Double the websites – Not double the fun.

Here is what happened:

A company, with a sterling reputation and a need to protect its branding, contracted with CyberWA to monitor the Internet for malicious activity about them and their executives. Through our monitoring, we discovered three related websites purporting to be our client’s company.

The websites were extremely well-designed and looked authentic, including using the company’s logo and a matching login page.

While they used the original company’s general information, they changed the type of services provided in order to prevent the actual company from identifying the duplicate websites through normal means. This meant that this international company was suddenly offering a new product in a new country!

The impact:

CyberWA identified the three phishing websites and notified the company. The company used legal means to have the websites removed and posted a warning notice on their website. A couple weeks later, there was a fourth website! CyberWA caught that and the company had the website removed, again. The phishers stopped trying – at least for now!

Cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination. In other words, constant vigilance is always required.

Lessons learned are:

●  It’s not just people, but companies also need strong cyber security measures, constant monitoring of their digital footprint and exposure.

●  Traditional defenses work to a certain extent, but cyber criminals are developing new tactics, therefore, hiring a trusted subject matter expert or company is not a luxury but a necessity.

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